The 9th House Sectoral Roundtable Sessions (9th House SRS) was developed in line with a general principle of the reviewed legislative agenda of the 9th Nigerian House of Representatives; to foster civic engagement, enhance citizen participation in the legislative process and promote democratic governance.

It is a monthly engagement with state and non-state actors and stakeholders of various socio-economic sectors aimed at critically examining the real-life performance of these sectors in order to identify and address gaps/issues therein through motions, legislative amendments and other interventions.

While serving as a platform for legislators to communicate their activities to the Nigerian citizenry, it is also a feedback channel for the House of Representatives, enabling it to feel the socio-economic pulse of the nation.

The 9th House SRS is powered by the Media and Public Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives and facilitated by consultant partner, Advocacy for Civic Engagement (ACE) Centre.

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